Behold an unknown territory! It lies right in front of us, inside of us, wherever we are; yet we don’t recognize it most of the time. It is the joy of life, or the ”core energy,” as some call it. We call it burnOn.

The whole world is so fast and busy that many people are working and living while heading towards burnout. This is especially true for people who work towards the good: peace workers, social workers, doctors and activists. They suffer from exhaustion and depleted energy while still trying to avoid burnout. Why not take a different track, namely find resources for burnOn?

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The unknown territory lies right inside of us

We shifted our perspective on energy and the ability to draw on it – and it works. There is a place within that replenishes us, and a place without where we meet our needs and the needs of the world.

We invite you to join us on a expedition to discover precious tools for maintaining energy, even in the most difficult situations and lines of work. We have started to gather these tools by talking to peace and civil workers from Africa, Palestine and Germany at a partner conference of the Weltfriedensdienst (WFD) in Berlin. They are all experts working on the ground and they share their insights in ”burning by doing.” We were touched by their openness and willingness to pass on their gifts. We also asked therapists and scientists to dive deeply into the essence of the fre that keeps us going. Their wisdom is presented in ”exploring burnOn.” 

Guided by the search for joy

We were guided by the search for joy. Naming our journey ”burnOn” and seeking knowledge of it was like shouting ”Open Sesame!”. A treasure chest of tools did, indeed, open up and we now want to share the gems. Explore and make your own discoveries. What tools do you use to make life and work joyous and meaningful? You can use the bookmark to highlight your favorite places.

Behold your own burnOn! This issue of Kompass might inspire you to do just that. We want to encourage a shift in perspective and to inspire a debate that can help us on the way towards creating a peaceful world  sustainably.

Project Team: Doerthe Beer and Joachim C. Wehnelt

Kompass Nr. 4 – Index

Titelbild Kompass Nr. 4 BurnOn

Kompass Nr. 4

Burning by Doing

04 Stefan Wagler: Here I Am (Palestine)

10 E. Josef-Westermann and C. Chenjerai Chituvu: A Community of Inspiration 

14 Majed Abbadi: Grounded Resources (Palestine)

14 Katrin Steinitz: The World as a Vision (Germany)

24 Karoline Caesar: The Boon (Burundi)

29 Ghalib Galant: A Dance with Confict (South Africa)

32 Juba Kuhzwayo: Connecting Us Deeply (South Africa)


Treasures: Exploring BurnOn

06 Luise Reddemann: Joy is a Decision

12 Ruth Mischnick:  The Bridge between Inside and Outside

16 Jordis Grimm: A Framework for Happiness

20 Thomas Hübl: I Am Fully Here  

27 Doerthe Beer:  Between Adventure and Tranquility

30 Joachim C. Wehnelt:  Terra Incognita

31 Joachim C. Wehnelt:  The Art Of Now 


Hall of Flame

09 Dieudonné Kininakanwa (Burundi)

26 Jestina M. Mukoko (Zimbabwe)



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