At the beginning of the third millennium, people are fighting for their lives in many places of the world. They are caught in the crossfire of violent conflicts or victims of a destructive world economic system. We live in a world of huge social disparities; resource scarcity and militarization threaten our livelihoods and those of our children.

We are convinced that all people across the globe have the right to live peacefully under just circumstances. The universal human rights have to be valid for everyone; in terms of their implementation we trust in the strength of nonviolence. Weltfriedensdienst fights for the people to be able to work actively and self-determinedly for the improvement of their living conditions. With our partners in Africa, Latin America and Asia we work on-site in order to solve conflicts nonviolently and in a constructive manner and also to protect and improve the living conditions of all people. In Germany, we campaign for Global Learning and obtain a better hearing for our partners’ concerns. In doing so, we work independently with regard to religious belief and political parties.


What makes us different?

Although there are no mandatory disclosure requirements in Germany, we believe, that it´s of vital importance that the community knows about our goals, where the funds come from and how they are spent.

Taking this into account, Weltfriedensdienst places emphasis on the greatest transparency possible in all areas of its work. This applies not only to working together with cooperation partners in the South and North but also to decision-making structures within Weltfriedensdienst as a society.

In creating the Civil Peace Service/cps in 1999 in close cooperation with experienced non-governmental organizations including Weltfriedensdienst, the German government created a new instrument for securing peace and crisis prevention. Since then, experienced peace workers have been working in conflict regions to contribute to dialogue and reconciliation and to establish peace promoting structures on the request of the respective partner organizations. Civil peace service projects are a focus of the work of Weltfriedensdienst.

Weltfriedensdienst owes its very existence to the voluntary work of the society’s members. Without their support and work in the executive committee, the various advisory committees and partnership groups, the continuous development of the content of our work would be practically impossible. Yet, not everyone who supports the goals of Weltfriedensdienst has the opportunity to work with us actively. Thus, the society offers an associate membership. At the end of 2011, the association had 323 members.


Want to cooperate with us?

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To us, development means to be able to unfold our very own potentials in the best possible way. Education is a precondition. Only competent individuals and organizations can improve their living conditions in a self-determined way.


A new way of dealing with hatred and injustice leads to peace: Cooperation instead of confrontation, fulfillment of the basic needs. Thus, peace and development are intrinsically tied to each other. Peace can arise where people approach one another open-mindedly.

Human Rights

The respect of human rights is the foundation for the free development of individual personalities and organizations. That is why we support all the people standing up for the universal application of human rights.

Download the common declaration (WFD and partners) on water grabbing [PDF]